Webcam {UPDATE 15/05/2009}

I’m using the quickcam pro 9000 camera for my project.
I’ve modified it so it can see IR. For the moment I still have so issues with fps because I’m stuck around 15 fps…
But the image quality is amazing and the sensor is very sensitive to IR light, so I think it will be a great cam.
I’ll do some test this week end or so..

{ UPDATE 11/05/2009 }
I’ve figured out how to increase my fps, now I have 30fps !!!

{ UPDATE 15/05/2009 }
I’ve placed between the lense and the sensor a piece of plexiglass about 2.5mm high… It resolves my focus problem but the auto focus doesn’t work anymore because it hasn’t enough space to move… But I prefer a nice image than a focus function (I can always move the whole block of the lense to focus…

{UPDATE 10/08/2009}
I’ve ordered a PS3 cam from Peau’s store to get rid of the focus problem and be able to play with fiducials…

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