VIP Section for Donators

Some may have notice the new link on the right panel of the blog redirecting to a password protected page.
All past and futur donators will recieve an invite code to have access to this section and get some of my projects before their official release. I will post in this section all my current projects that are usable but not fully tested yet… so they can be a little bit unstable or not fully work at first…
Don’t worry, all software in this section will be posted when the right time has come, but if you can’t wait and want to get some of my goodies before everyone else, or just get involve in my work, just donate and you’ll get access…
I must approve the donation before the invite code is sent so it may take 24h before you recieve the code… but I do all I can to make this as fast as possible…


2 thoughts on “VIP Section for Donators”

  1. He machine I got some interest in the ccv with windows 7 and flash at the same time. What’s the donation fot this? Is it a small donation between the 10 or 20 euro’s ? Please give me a mail and I will take a look at it.

    By the way how is it doing the ccv with fiducials and fingertracking? Also very interesting.



  2. @rogiermars :there is not perfect amount, the donation amount is up to you, what you think of my work and how badly you want this googdies before the others… As I said, all those downloads will be available publicly soon enough, this is just a way to value my work and support it !!! I won’t judge you ^^ but of course a greater amount is always appriciated… ^^

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