Here is a quick post because I don’t have time to do more, but I didn’t want all my beloved readers to be helpless without any news from me…

I don’t have time right now because of exams but I wanted to tell you what was planned for the summer…

Here are some surprises I will unveile this summer :
– CCV 1.3 mod with dual TUIO port broadcasting and all-in-on com mode (dual tuio + flash, dual tuio + flash +binary).
– CCV 1.3 with broadcasting features from previous mod, and fiducials capabilities.
– Windows 7 Driver with changed input port to get TUIO apps working while using the driver. This combined with the CCV 1.3 Fiducials let us use the driver with fiducials at the same time.
– Windows 7 Service Driver fixed (for me it doesn’t run automaticly on start up without the fix) : automatic launch will be available, no need for anything to launch after driver and service install are complete.

I hope you can wait until this summer… 😉

If you want to support my work, fell free to donate with the Paypal tool at the right of the screen, everything will go for MT developments.

Have a nice day !

6 thoughts on “Teasing UPDATE : MORE”

  1. Hi Mashinegun.
    You are still very active!!! as alway’s
    Is it possible to see your table in action

    Keep up this Superb work!!!!

  2. @Prowler : I still have two weeks of exams (and some more in june). But I’ll try to make a newer video of my table in two weeks and myabe setup live sessions so that people can see it live and ask me to perform some actions on it… I’ll see what I can do…

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