NEW PS3 Eye Driver v4.0

There is a new version of AlexP’s PS3 Eye Driver, so here is a link to the download on Alex’s new website :

Please use the link above but here an other miror :

INSTALLATION NOTE : please plug your ps3 eye and uninstall it from the device manager first, then uninstall the old driver from programs manager, then unplug the ps3 eye and install the new driver.

Enjoy !!!

PS3 Eye

Hi everybody,
I wanted to get you a little review of my first experiences with the PS3 Eye under Windows 7…


This camera is very good. I reach without problem 125fps @ 320*240 and 60fps @ 640*480 (75fps @ 640*480 is reachable but fps can easily drop on my computer at this resolution) and it a great improvmenent for my table, now the touch experience is very real. With my other camera (QuickCam Pro 9000) it was working fine, but here with the PS3 Eye everything is more responsive, smoother, faster… and the IR sensibility is great… (maybe too much lol).
I recommand this camera for all people because it is cheap, and one of the best for our setup.

Webcam {UPDATE 15/05/2009}

I’m using the quickcam pro 9000 camera for my project.
I’ve modified it so it can see IR. For the moment I still have so issues with fps because I’m stuck around 15 fps…
But the image quality is amazing and the sensor is very sensitive to IR light, so I think it will be a great cam.
I’ll do some test this week end or so..

{ UPDATE 11/05/2009 }
I’ve figured out how to increase my fps, now I have 30fps !!!

{ UPDATE 15/05/2009 }
I’ve placed between the lense and the sensor a piece of plexiglass about 2.5mm high… It resolves my focus problem but the auto focus doesn’t work anymore because it hasn’t enough space to move… But I prefer a nice image than a focus function (I can always move the whole block of the lense to focus…

{UPDATE 10/08/2009}
I’ve ordered a PS3 cam from Peau’s store to get rid of the focus problem and be able to play with fiducials…