New CCV 1.3 Mod

Some of you have been waiting for this !

Here is my famous mod of CCV 1.3 featuring :
– dualt TUIO port broadcasting – dual TUIO + flash broadcasting at the same time

Hit ‘t’ for dual port TUIO mode (see the post on how to update your CCV with this mod) and hit ‘n’ for TUIO + Flash com mode (binary mode removed in this version).
Download link :

Please comment with feedbacks !



Here is a quick post because I don’t have time to do more, but I didn’t want all my beloved readers to be helpless without any news from me…

I don’t have time right now because of exams but I wanted to tell you what was planned for the summer…

Here are some surprises I will unveile this summer :
– CCV 1.3 mod with dual TUIO port broadcasting and all-in-on com mode (dual tuio + flash, dual tuio + flash +binary).
– CCV 1.3 with broadcasting features from previous mod, and fiducials capabilities.
– Windows 7 Driver with changed input port to get TUIO apps working while using the driver. This combined with the CCV 1.3 Fiducials let us use the driver with fiducials at the same time.
– Windows 7 Service Driver fixed (for me it doesn’t run automaticly on start up without the fix) : automatic launch will be available, no need for anything to launch after driver and service install are complete.

I hope you can wait until this summer… 😉

If you want to support my work, fell free to donate with the Paypal tool at the right of the screen, everything will go for MT developments.

Have a nice day !

NEW CCV 1.3 Binairies {UPDATE 03/02/2010 22:00}

I wanted to tell you that I’ve updated the binairies of CCV 1.3a. I’ve fixed one major issue in this release. As you may know, CCV sends over TUIO the (0,0) coordinate every time a blob appears out of the calibrated zone. Well not anymore with this version of CCV 1.3a.

Here are the links to download it :

or the Megaupload link :

Enjoy !!!

{UPDATE 03/02/2010 22:00} : All improvments from the SVN repository are included in this new release, included a better (0,0) fix.

New CCV 1.2 mod

Thanks to Gregi who had build the previous mod of ccv allowing us to send both to tuio and flash, here is a new version correcting a pretty anoying bug…
As you might have noticed, ccv sends to tuio a (0,0) point when you touch your screen outside the calibration box… As touching the perfect (0,0) point is usually rare, this new mod of ccv fix this error by blocking the (0,0) point… If you touch outside the box (or the perfect (0,0) but very rare), the (0,0) point won’t be sent trough tuio or flash… Trust me it is very convinient under Win7…
I’ve add in the archive a mod that enable color tracking instead of light tracking.

Here is the link (same as before) :

Enjoy !!!

Misc Tuio Apps

Here are some nice but not so needed tuio apps (built with Processing), they are great to make some nice effects on your table, they are available for Win32, Mac OSX and linux in the archives :





Ring of Fire


HID Driver as Windows Service


So, I’ve published the HID Driver from Daniel D and the package called “MultitouchVista driver release” but I didn’t tell you what to do with the second one.
With the HID Driver, I had you guys launching all those multitouch.service.console.exe, and multitouch.driver.console.exe… not very good…
So after installing the HID Driver as instructed in one of the previous posts, here is how to install all that as Windows Service, so you’ll have just ccv to launch…


I must warn you, the instructions are maybe missing some parts or explanations because I don’t know exactly what I did since the beginning to enable it, but I’m almost sure that’s it, and if it doesn’t work with you, just PM me on the forum or contact me, and I’ll find the missing piece…!!!
So here it is :
First have the HID driver installed as told earlier.
Then download the archive called “MultitouchVista Driver release” down here…
Extract everything somewhere you won’t delete it… (I don’t know if you can delete it after installing it, but I guess not)
Then you’ll need a command called installutil.exe in the command line of windows.
To enable this function, you have to install a windows SDK, the vista one or the win7 one. Here is a link to the win7 sdk BETA, the one I use :

After installing the SDK, type in the Start Menu Search box : cmd, and launch as admin the one called CMD Shell (or the one called cmd of you have only this option)…
Navigate to the folder where you’ve extracted the archive… (using the cd command, you shoudl be able to find help on that on google, or contact me).
Then type : installutil.exe Multitouch.Driver.Service.exe and press enter.
Some crap should scrol in the box and then close it.
Now launch the services manager of windows 7 (type services in the start menu search box, it will find it.
Scroll down until you find a service called Multitouch Driver, double clic on it and then choose start to launch it.
(Some firewall can block the UDP listening of the driver, so if you have any notification from your firewall, allow the application to have acces to internet, then shutdown the service (with several try because you’ll get some error messages) and then restart it).
Close all the box, launch ccv and enable tuio protocol…
This should do the trick.
As i said, some parts could be missing so don’t panic, send me a quick feedback and I’ll help you fixing that…
Cya !!!!!

OSC or Flash : not a choice to make anymore… {UPDATE 29/11/2009 12:32}

Some of you have a nice working table and love to show it around… But how to show friends that the table is simple to use if you have to change the transmission protocol in ccv when you want to jump from Win7 apps to flash app…
Here is a modified release of CCV which allows you to send both to OSC and Flash (by hiting the w key to start emitting and unchecking one of the OSC or Flash box to stop it) :…

P.S. : this is not my code, but give me a feedback on it on the forum of a comment here…

{UPDATE 12/09/2009 16:43} Here is the new version with the resolution bug fixed and some improvments regarding the (0,0) false blob, see newer post…

{UPDATE 29/11/2009 12:32} I’ve included a mod of ccv that enable color tracking instead of light tracking…