MS Touch Pack (suite) and Work in Progress

So I tried this week end the touch pack on my Rear DI Setup. It was just great. I think this pack is really a good start for the expansion of multitouch devices.
So for the people who don’t know what is the content of the pack : 3 multitouch games, 1 screensaver, 1 photo collage app, 1 globe app.
For more infos on the pack, just google a little and you will find anythinkg you want about it.
As soon as my setup is complete, I swear I can make it within 1-2 weeks, I will post some pictures and videos, and I’ll publish a list of apps (win, flash, Python) which are working with the table…
By the way, my table is almost done. I’ve bough the table which will be the base of the setup.

here are some pics of the table :…

I’ve placed the illuminators (I use 6-7 of the 48 led lluminators from HK (ebay)) and the mirors and the projector. I will have a 20″ screen (maybe a little bit more but I can’t do more because I don’t want the table to be more than 45cm high.).
I still have to find the right place for the camera and to do some tests, but I hope this will be over soon.
I keep you in touch…

EDIT I won’t make it within two weeks I think, as soon as I get the glass for my table I will do some videos…

My Setup

My project is to build a nice MT coffee table…
I have tried both FTIR and Rear DI setup and I picked the Rear DI because it is easier to build and enable fiducial interaction.
The table will be 50-60cm high, and then 120cm*50cm. The screen will be around 60*37 (a 16:10 ration for my screen configuration…).
I’m using as projector a Sanyo PLZ3 and as webcam the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 (mod in order to see IR light).
I will simply use glass for my surface, and tracing paper as projection surface.

My computer is an HP DV7-1035em (laptop)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits (signed edition, tks M$)
Intel Centrino 2 Dual Core P7350 @2.00Ghz
Nvidia 9600M GT 512Mo DDR2
Dual HDD : Kingston 128Go SSD Driver + Samsung 250Go HDD SATA Drive
(before : dual boot Windows Vista Ultimate + Windows Seven Beta 1 build 7000)