Band Pass filter

I’ve finished my test of my new band pass filter. I’ve purchased it on Peau’s site, a 850nm band pass filter. Here are my impressions after 2 days of tests…

First of all, if you don’t use a proper filter, you won’t get a great experience. The band pass filter is the best solution I think.
My negative film filter was still good, and I didn’t noticed a huge change at the first glinch, but after several hours of tests, here are the improvments I noticed.
The camera now sees only IR 850nm so any other light source won’t affect the quality of the blobs. That’s why ambiant light is less a problem with this filter. Moreover, as there is only 850nm IR visible (which is the one of my illuminators), the camera has less trouble to adjust gain and exposure on the right values to see my fingers. Thanks to that, blob have a higher contrast…
So both this points are good enough to purchase such filter… but not as your main priority… As you may have noticed on my previous reports and my video, you can get a nice experience without it, but having one reduces the possibility of having further problems with anbiant light and low blob contrast…
Hope this help so of you…

Have fun !!!

Quick important links to get started

Here is a post just to post quick links to all important posts on the blog :

Latest PS3 Eye Driver :

Latest CCV 1.3 Binairies :

Everything about Surface :

Download the latest Win7 Driver :

Win7 Driver installation instructions :

Enjoy !

NEW CCV 1.3 Binairies {UPDATE 03/02/2010 22:00}

I wanted to tell you that I’ve updated the binairies of CCV 1.3a. I’ve fixed one major issue in this release. As you may know, CCV sends over TUIO the (0,0) coordinate every time a blob appears out of the calibrated zone. Well not anymore with this version of CCV 1.3a.

Here are the links to download it :

or the Megaupload link :

Enjoy !!!

{UPDATE 03/02/2010 22:00} : All improvments from the SVN repository are included in this new release, included a better (0,0) fix.

CCV 1.3a comments

I’ve now tried CCV 1.3a on my table, I can tell you : rocks !!!!
I’m not done with my tests but this release of CCV has a far much better tracker and as single cam tracking software, it is as stable as CCV 1.2…
There is very good integration with the PS3 Eye cam, you can control all settings from CCV, and also set zoom ratios, offsets, lens distortion correction,…
Hope you enjoy it as mush as I do, hope to get some feedbacks from people who have two PS3 Eye…

CCV 1.3 Pre-release {UPDATE – SEE NEWER POST}

Here is a pre-release of Community Core Vision 1.3 : this new release allows you to use multicam input with the Multicam driver for the PS3 Eye Cam.
Unfortunatly I don’t have two PS3 Eye Cam for the moment, so I can’t make a full how-to to get this working, but with this, you have at least the binaries of CCV 1.3 to try it…
I’ve changed the TUIO port back to 3333 (don’t know why it was set to 7000 in the source code…).


Here is a megaupload link in case you have trouble with the other link :

Enjoy carefully !!!

UPDATE – SEE NEWER POST called NEW CCV 1.3a Binairies

Google Wave : contest results

REMINDER : winners were selected using, avoiding any chance of cheat.
As promised here are the winners of my first Googe Wave Invitations Contest :

And because I like you guys so much, here are the names of the 5 extra winners :

You will be recieving you invitation by mail soon.

For the others, don’t be sad, an other contest will be online soon…

NUI Google Wave

As you might have noticed, I’m going to give to some people access to Google Wave. There will be more contests after this one to win an invitation, I want to build a Nui Wave Community.
Here is my Wave if you want to join and you already have access to this wonderful sharing tool :
If you don’t have wave, feel free to sign up to the contest (there will be more to come too…)
See you on Wave…

Surface SDK and so on… {UPDATE CUSTOMSURFACINPUT 06/09/2009 08:08}

Here are some news regarding the Surface SDK and its implementation under Windows 7.
I want to thank first Daniel D. because it would not be possible to play with the SDK today without him…

So lets get started.

Fisrt, you need a copy of the Surface SDK (Workstation Edition SP1, or the one from the Surface table if you have one… ^^). You can find the Surface SDK Workstation Edition SP1 on Microsoft Partners website or on Microsoft Academic Alliance program if you have access to it. You also need Vistual Studio, the XNA Framework, Windows 7 with the HID Driver, and a multitouch hardware.

Install all that stuff and the SDK.
Then download this amazing piece of coding from Daniel :

Extract the content of the archive and launch the .reg file from the archive, and allow the keys to be included in your registry.

To install sample apps in the Surface Shell, you need to go in the Start Menu, Microsoft Surface, Samples… an explorer window opens, then extract the content of the Sample Apps zip in this same window.
Launch Install.bat in admin mode. Type Enter and wait,… type enter to quit when it is done.

So now some sample apps are installed (I’ll do a tuto on how to install other applications when I’m done trying it), we juste need to run Surface.
Have your multitouch hardware ready, with ccv and the HID Driver running…
From the CustomSurfaceInput archive extracted somewhere at the beginning, launch CustomSurfaceInput;exe (a hand tray icon should appear).
Now go to %Program Files%\\Microsoft Surface\\1.0\\ and launch SurfaceShell.exe
You should have Surface “booting”
VoilĂ , it should work…

If you want to run Surface in full screen, you need to set your resolution to 1024*768…



PS3 Eye

Hi everybody,
I wanted to get you a little review of my first experiences with the PS3 Eye under Windows 7…


This camera is very good. I reach without problem 125fps @ 320*240 and 60fps @ 640*480 (75fps @ 640*480 is reachable but fps can easily drop on my computer at this resolution) and it a great improvmenent for my table, now the touch experience is very real. With my other camera (QuickCam Pro 9000) it was working fine, but here with the PS3 Eye everything is more responsive, smoother, faster… and the IR sensibility is great… (maybe too much lol).
I recommand this camera for all people because it is cheap, and one of the best for our setup.