New CCV 1.3 Mod

Some of you have been waiting for this !

Here is my famous mod of CCV 1.3 featuring :
– dualt TUIO port broadcasting – dual TUIO + flash broadcasting at the same time

Hit ‘t’ for dual port TUIO mode (see the post on how to update your CCV with this mod) and hit ‘n’ for TUIO + Flash com mode (binary mode removed in this version).
Download link :

Please comment with feedbacks !


Some announcements

Sorry for the fans, I wans’t very active on my blog for quite a long time now (at least for the non-VIPs) but it won’t last…
I’m heading for the end of my big exams and I will be completly free on July 10th.

So I won’t post many things until this date, of course any new VIP user will recieve a code for the VIP section and support on my blog and on the forums are still very active.

BUT after that, here I come again !!!
I will publish some things from the VIP section for the public (that’s not a good reason to stop the donations guys, new stuff will come along…) and I’ll probably make some announcements about the next release of CCV in July (I’m now working closer with Christian Moore). Maybe even some pre-release like I did for the 1.3 version, can’t be sure at this point…
And of course, my Win7 DVD is still on the tracks and I hope to release a RC in July… This DVD will include the latest CCV with the Windows 7 Driver as Service, the M$ touchpack, and many others applications I have gathered… There will be probably two versions, one with all the developper stuff needed, one with only the basic tools to get started… Of course, it wil be compatible with any version of Windows 7. You will have two options (I hope to manage that) : fresh install or updating your current win7 installation with my release.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this one because it will be a huge step for beginners and for those who want to switch for a new computer without reinstalling everything…


HID Driver Service fixed {NEW RELEASE}

With this fix, the service will now run in automatic mode if you like to, so you don’t have to start the driver ever again.

The TUIO mode takes the 3330 TUIO port as input. Allows you to run TUIO apps and the Windows 7 driver simultaneously with the CCV 1.3 dual port mod. Procede with the regular install of the driver then use these run files when done. Port 3330 is also used by the service.
Download link :

You can know use those files and follow this post :

to install the driver as Service, just skip the download of the MTV release.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems with this, and I’d love some feedbacks…

This feature, along side with others, will be implemented in my Win7 customized ISO when released.

This software edited by CKTouch can’t be used for commercial purposes without at least noticing the author.


VIP Goodies and public release plans {UPDATE}

The VIP Section hosts now a mod of CCV 1.3 with dual TUIO port support and TUIO + FLASH mode. This mod combined with the modified Windows 7 driver available also in the VIP Section allows you to use Windows 7, flash apps and tuio apps at the same time.
I will realease soon a fixed version of the Service Driver so you won’t need to launch anything ever to get touch support on Windows 7. {UPDATE – RELEASED FOR VIP}

Those goodies will probably be available for the public in July, definitly in August, when my exams are done and after I update my site for an easier use and a better design…

Here is also a little teasing :
I’ll be releasing this summer two majors things.
– a Multitouch Suite with all needed tools to get started (CCV, Driver, demo apps) and in option some other tools.
– a customized Windows 7 DVD ISO with a multitouch ready OS (plug-and-play system).


VIP Section for Donators

Some may have notice the new link on the right panel of the blog redirecting to a password protected page.
All past and futur donators will recieve an invite code to have access to this section and get some of my projects before their official release. I will post in this section all my current projects that are usable but not fully tested yet… so they can be a little bit unstable or not fully work at first…
Don’t worry, all software in this section will be posted when the right time has come, but if you can’t wait and want to get some of my goodies before everyone else, or just get involve in my work, just donate and you’ll get access…
I must approve the donation before the invite code is sent so it may take 24h before you recieve the code… but I do all I can to make this as fast as possible…


Surface SDK and Applications download

Here is a big news : MS Surface SDK is available for download for everyone at this adress :


You can find a lot of informations here :


Here are the direct links :





Game pack

Financial Services

Mobile Connect Demo

I didn’t try those yet but I’ll post some explainations and feedbacks as soon as possible (but I’m so excited it won’t take long)…