Christmas, New year, what else ?

I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers.

I know I’m late on every schedule I announced before and i’m deeply sorry but my work outside the IT world has been very important to me in the last few months. I’m still working on everything I promised .

Enjoy your holidays, 2011 will be a great year, don’t worry…


VIP Goodies and public release plans {UPDATE}

The VIP Section hosts now a mod of CCV 1.3 with dual TUIO port support and TUIO + FLASH mode. This mod combined with the modified Windows 7 driver available also in the VIP Section allows you to use Windows 7, flash apps and tuio apps at the same time.
I will realease soon a fixed version of the Service Driver so you won’t need to launch anything ever to get touch support on Windows 7. {UPDATE – RELEASED FOR VIP}

Those goodies will probably be available for the public in July, definitly in August, when my exams are done and after I update my site for an easier use and a better design…

Here is also a little teasing :
I’ll be releasing this summer two majors things.
– a Multitouch Suite with all needed tools to get started (CCV, Driver, demo apps) and in option some other tools.
– a customized Windows 7 DVD ISO with a multitouch ready OS (plug-and-play system).


VIP Section for Donators

Some may have notice the new link on the right panel of the blog redirecting to a password protected page.
All past and futur donators will recieve an invite code to have access to this section and get some of my projects before their official release. I will post in this section all my current projects that are usable but not fully tested yet… so they can be a little bit unstable or not fully work at first…
Don’t worry, all software in this section will be posted when the right time has come, but if you can’t wait and want to get some of my goodies before everyone else, or just get involve in my work, just donate and you’ll get access…
I must approve the donation before the invite code is sent so it may take 24h before you recieve the code… but I do all I can to make this as fast as possible…


French Release of NUI MT BOOK (Part 1)

Some may have noticed that I’m getting closer to my final exam (nothing to do with Multitouch Technologies unfortunatly) because I havn’t been very active lately.
I try my best to keep my updated on all possible breakthrough in MT Tech, and I have some cool stuff planned for later this year…

Anyway, here is something that will please my French readers (who represent a third of my visitors, same for the US, and then the rest of the world…).
Here is the first part of the NUI MT TECH BOOK translated in French.
This part includes all you need to know about hardware in an MT setup.

As always, here are both links on my blog and on megaupload :

I hope this will help you starting or improving your setup…
I’m always here to help on the NUI Forum and always available through the contact form of my blog…


Quick important links to get started

Here is a post just to post quick links to all important posts on the blog :

Latest PS3 Eye Driver :

Latest CCV 1.3 Binairies :

Everything about Surface :

Download the latest Win7 Driver :

Win7 Driver installation instructions :

Enjoy !

Google Wave 2nd contest Results

Since there was not so many people on this contest, I’m going to release invitations to people who didn’t get it the first time, and those who have posted a comment on the new contest…
For those other who wish to have it too, try contacting me or post a comment, I’ll send invits until I don’t have them anymore…
Cya around

Google Wave : contest results

REMINDER : winners were selected using, avoiding any chance of cheat.
As promised here are the winners of my first Googe Wave Invitations Contest :

And because I like you guys so much, here are the names of the 5 extra winners :

You will be recieving you invitation by mail soon.

For the others, don’t be sad, an other contest will be online soon…

NUI Google Wave

As you might have noticed, I’m going to give to some people access to Google Wave. There will be more contests after this one to win an invitation, I want to build a Nui Wave Community.
Here is my Wave if you want to join and you already have access to this wonderful sharing tool :
If you don’t have wave, feel free to sign up to the contest (there will be more to come too…)
See you on Wave…