New CCV 1.3 Mod

Some of you have been waiting for this !

Here is my famous mod of CCV 1.3 featuring :
– dualt TUIO port broadcasting – dual TUIO + flash broadcasting at the same time

Hit ‘t’ for dual port TUIO mode (see the post on how to update your CCV with this mod) and hit ‘n’ for TUIO + Flash com mode (binary mode removed in this version).
Download link :

Please comment with feedbacks !


New CCV 1.2 mod

Thanks to Gregi who had build the previous mod of ccv allowing us to send both to tuio and flash, here is a new version correcting a pretty anoying bug…
As you might have noticed, ccv sends to tuio a (0,0) point when you touch your screen outside the calibration box… As touching the perfect (0,0) point is usually rare, this new mod of ccv fix this error by blocking the (0,0) point… If you touch outside the box (or the perfect (0,0) but very rare), the (0,0) point won’t be sent trough tuio or flash… Trust me it is very convinient under Win7…
I’ve add in the archive a mod that enable color tracking instead of light tracking.

Here is the link (same as before) :

Enjoy !!!

Flash Apps

Hi, As promise, here are the applications I’ve found so far which are fully working on my setup… I’m not the creator, I’m just publishing for index purpose, if any of you don’t want its apps o be publish, just mail me, I will do as wished…

Apps Loader : a nice a fully working apps loader, to return to the menu, simple hold a finger, a menu will jump up…
Just run the Flash App.

Flash Demos : all demos from the MTMini package running on my table.

FluidSolver : a nice misc app, very impressiv, the fluid simulation app
-- Go to the bin folder and launch the Main.swf file.

MmaPro : a great pic manipulation and map app, you must have this one.

Crayon Physics : fun and easy, just draw and enjoy the move…

Multitouch!Catan : the MT adaptation of the famous and great game (gonna put the rules on a file as soon as I found a scanner where I am).

MemoryMatch : all is in the name, with an MT add of course.

PopMT : the famous iphone game available for multiplayer gaming, very funny…

Pong : all in the name

Hope you’ll enjoy all those apps….


OSC or Flash : not a choice to make anymore… {UPDATE 29/11/2009 12:32}

Some of you have a nice working table and love to show it around… But how to show friends that the table is simple to use if you have to change the transmission protocol in ccv when you want to jump from Win7 apps to flash app…
Here is a modified release of CCV which allows you to send both to OSC and Flash (by hiting the w key to start emitting and unchecking one of the OSC or Flash box to stop it) :…

P.S. : this is not my code, but give me a feedback on it on the forum of a comment here…

{UPDATE 12/09/2009 16:43} Here is the new version with the resolution bug fixed and some improvments regarding the (0,0) false blob, see newer post…

{UPDATE 29/11/2009 12:32} I’ve included a mod of ccv that enable color tracking instead of light tracking…