CCV 1.3 Pre-release {UPDATE – SEE NEWER POST}

Here is a pre-release of Community Core Vision 1.3 : this new release allows you to use multicam input with the Multicam driver for the PS3 Eye Cam.
Unfortunatly I don’t have two PS3 Eye Cam for the moment, so I can’t make a full how-to to get this working, but with this, you have at least the binaries of CCV 1.3 to try it…
I’ve changed the TUIO port back to 3333 (don’t know why it was set to 7000 in the source code…).


Here is a megaupload link in case you have trouble with the other link :

Enjoy carefully !!!

UPDATE – SEE NEWER POST called NEW CCV 1.3a Binairies

New CCV 1.2 mod

Thanks to Gregi who had build the previous mod of ccv allowing us to send both to tuio and flash, here is a new version correcting a pretty anoying bug…
As you might have noticed, ccv sends to tuio a (0,0) point when you touch your screen outside the calibration box… As touching the perfect (0,0) point is usually rare, this new mod of ccv fix this error by blocking the (0,0) point… If you touch outside the box (or the perfect (0,0) but very rare), the (0,0) point won’t be sent trough tuio or flash… Trust me it is very convinient under Win7…
I’ve add in the archive a mod that enable color tracking instead of light tracking.

Here is the link (same as before) :

Enjoy !!!

OSC or Flash : not a choice to make anymore… {UPDATE 29/11/2009 12:32}

Some of you have a nice working table and love to show it around… But how to show friends that the table is simple to use if you have to change the transmission protocol in ccv when you want to jump from Win7 apps to flash app…
Here is a modified release of CCV which allows you to send both to OSC and Flash (by hiting the w key to start emitting and unchecking one of the OSC or Flash box to stop it) :…

P.S. : this is not my code, but give me a feedback on it on the forum of a comment here…

{UPDATE 12/09/2009 16:43} Here is the new version with the resolution bug fixed and some improvments regarding the (0,0) false blob, see newer post…

{UPDATE 29/11/2009 12:32} I’ve included a mod of ccv that enable color tracking instead of light tracking…

HID Driver Install

Now that the driver is online and compiled, I have a lot of questions on how to install it… and run it with ccv or tbeta or anysoftware that send over tuio/osc…
First I want to thank Daniel D for his wonderful work on this driver…


So when you have downloaded the archive, extract everything in a folder.
Go into Main Source, Multitouch Driver, and then again in Multitouch.Driver.

IF you’re working under x64, go into the x64 folder, right click on the devcon.exe file, select properties, go in the compatibility tab, select “launch as administrator” and hit OK, then go back to the previous folder.

Then right click on the x32 or x64 (depends of your configuration) folder while holding SHIFT, then click on open a windows command here. If you don’t have this open in the right click menu, you can also open a commande line window and navigate to this foler.
type in “install driver.cmd” don’t forget the ” ”
(an other window opens)

Allow the driver to be installed.

When the second box closes, close the first one.

Now go in the Windows device manager.
Under Interactions Devices, find the Universal software HID device
Right click on it, disable, accept, DON’T RESTART
Wait a second,
Right click on it, enable…
Close the device manager.

You can skip this it you don’t want the visual pointer : Now go in the Pen and Touch Configuration panel. go in the touch tab, enable everything (not necessarily the visual pointer as you wish…)… close the box by pressing OK

Now back in the Main Source folder. Go into the Output folder.
Run multitouch.service.console.exe (a command box opens)
Then run configuration service wpf.exe (the exe with a hand as an icon), click on tuio, click on the big blue arrow, click on restart service, close the window.
Close the multitouch.service.console.exe

launch ccv or tbeta, configure it si it can see only your finger, do the calibration… then enable sending tuio (the one that sends over the 3333 port)
run from main source/output the multitouch.service.console.exe
run from the same folder the multitouch.driver.console.exe

now it should work, you should be able to control Seven with your touch…