Surface SDK and so on… {UPDATE CUSTOMSURFACINPUT 06/09/2009 08:08}

Here are some news regarding the Surface SDK and its implementation under Windows 7.
I want to thank first Daniel D. because it would not be possible to play with the SDK today without him…

So lets get started.

Fisrt, you need a copy of the Surface SDK (Workstation Edition SP1, or the one from the Surface table if you have one… ^^). You can find the Surface SDK Workstation Edition SP1 on Microsoft Partners website or on Microsoft Academic Alliance program if you have access to it. You also need Vistual Studio, the XNA Framework, Windows 7 with the HID Driver, and a multitouch hardware.

Install all that stuff and the SDK.
Then download this amazing piece of coding from Daniel :

Extract the content of the archive and launch the .reg file from the archive, and allow the keys to be included in your registry.

To install sample apps in the Surface Shell, you need to go in the Start Menu, Microsoft Surface, Samples… an explorer window opens, then extract the content of the Sample Apps zip in this same window.
Launch Install.bat in admin mode. Type Enter and wait,… type enter to quit when it is done.

So now some sample apps are installed (I’ll do a tuto on how to install other applications when I’m done trying it), we juste need to run Surface.
Have your multitouch hardware ready, with ccv and the HID Driver running…
From the CustomSurfaceInput archive extracted somewhere at the beginning, launch CustomSurfaceInput;exe (a hand tray icon should appear).
Now go to %Program Files%\\Microsoft Surface\\1.0\\ and launch SurfaceShell.exe
You should have Surface “booting”
Voilà, it should work…

If you want to run Surface in full screen, you need to set your resolution to 1024*768…



5 thoughts on “Surface SDK and so on… {UPDATE CUSTOMSURFACINPUT 06/09/2009 08:08}”

  1. lol
    we have done this and yet it still crashes.
    we open ccv then the two mtv exes, then the service provider then the shell, we do have the registry files.

  2. The combination of CCV-MTV-CSI-SShell works perfectly here with mouse. I haven’t tested yet with multitouches (reason: MT table under heavy construction :D)

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