Surface Applications installation guide

Now that you have the Surface SDK installed, we can install some nice apps in the launcher. Once again this is for a x64 computer as x32 users don’t have any trouble to install those applications.
First you have to download the surface applications you want from the surface site.

1°) Extract the content of the package. Then as you did before in order to install the SDK, open the extracted msi file in Orca.

2°) Select LaunchCondition from the left pane. In the right pane, select the row labeled Installed OR NOT VersionNT64, right-click, and select Drop Row. This will remove the check for a 64-bit OS. If you can’t find LaunchCondition in the right pane then just ignore this step.

3°) Install the msi. (PS : some apps require that you install other softwares first, please install all exe/msi contained in any apps folder before installing the app msi)(PSS : the concierege installation won’t work for the moment if you enable remote acces to the database).

4°) Now we have to patch them to run it as an x32 applications.
As you did before for the SDK installation, launch an elevatd Visual Studio 2008 command prompt.
Change to the directory of the application you’ve just installed. If you just installed the Photo application, this path would be “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Surface\\Photos”…
Then type in :

for %i in (*.exe) do corflags %i /32bit+ /force 

5°) You’re done. After each installation, a new icon should show up in the Surface Shell.


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