VIP Goodies and public release plans {UPDATE}

The VIP Section hosts now a mod of CCV 1.3 with dual TUIO port support and TUIO + FLASH mode. This mod combined with the modified Windows 7 driver available also in the VIP Section allows you to use Windows 7, flash apps and tuio apps at the same time.
I will realease soon a fixed version of the Service Driver so you won’t need to launch anything ever to get touch support on Windows 7. {UPDATE – RELEASED FOR VIP}

Those goodies will probably be available for the public in July, definitly in August, when my exams are done and after I update my site for an easier use and a better design…

Here is also a little teasing :
I’ll be releasing this summer two majors things.
– a Multitouch Suite with all needed tools to get started (CCV, Driver, demo apps) and in option some other tools.
– a customized Windows 7 DVD ISO with a multitouch ready OS (plug-and-play system).


VIP Section for Donators

Some may have notice the new link on the right panel of the blog redirecting to a password protected page.
All past and futur donators will recieve an invite code to have access to this section and get some of my projects before their official release. I will post in this section all my current projects that are usable but not fully tested yet… so they can be a little bit unstable or not fully work at first…
Don’t worry, all software in this section will be posted when the right time has come, but if you can’t wait and want to get some of my goodies before everyone else, or just get involve in my work, just donate and you’ll get access…
I must approve the donation before the invite code is sent so it may take 24h before you recieve the code… but I do all I can to make this as fast as possible…



Here is a quick post because I don’t have time to do more, but I didn’t want all my beloved readers to be helpless without any news from me…

I don’t have time right now because of exams but I wanted to tell you what was planned for the summer…

Here are some surprises I will unveile this summer :
– CCV 1.3 mod with dual TUIO port broadcasting and all-in-on com mode (dual tuio + flash, dual tuio + flash +binary).
– CCV 1.3 with broadcasting features from previous mod, and fiducials capabilities.
– Windows 7 Driver with changed input port to get TUIO apps working while using the driver. This combined with the CCV 1.3 Fiducials let us use the driver with fiducials at the same time.
– Windows 7 Service Driver fixed (for me it doesn’t run automaticly on start up without the fix) : automatic launch will be available, no need for anything to launch after driver and service install are complete.

I hope you can wait until this summer… 😉

If you want to support my work, fell free to donate with the Paypal tool at the right of the screen, everything will go for MT developments.

Have a nice day !

Touch Pack officially released

(did you noticed I start all my post by “hi” ?)

Anyway, here is a quite good news for all of us : Microsoft has released offcially its Touch Pack for Windows 7, this means two things :
– now you can fully play with it, install it, reinstall it, put videos of it on the internet and so on.
– you don’t need to ask me for any tips on how to find it !!!

Here is the official link for it on Microsoft website :

and here is a copy of the installer “someone” hosts (shhhh don’t tell anyone…) if you don’t want to install this annoying Genuine Verification Tool from M$ website :

Be sure to remove all previous version of the TouchPack, of Virtual Earth 3D and of the XNA 3.0 framework (all can be done from the control panel on Windows 7).

Enjoy !!!

Call for developpers

As some of you may have noticed, there is a new application called Movid on the NUI Forums which has made a great impression upon some members.

The dev team of this great (but still in dev) application is looking for people to help them !!!
You can find the main page of this project here : and the thread on the NUI Forums here :…

The core team consists of :
– Christopher Denter
– Mathieu Virbel
– Seth Sandler
– Thomas Hansen
so feel free to contact them if you can help !!!

After a few PM with the dev team, we agreed that the application was still in a too early stage of developpement to release any binairies yet (even here !!!).

Thank you for your help !!!

French Release of NUI MT BOOK (Part 1)

Some may have noticed that I’m getting closer to my final exam (nothing to do with Multitouch Technologies unfortunatly) because I havn’t been very active lately.
I try my best to keep my updated on all possible breakthrough in MT Tech, and I have some cool stuff planned for later this year…

Anyway, here is something that will please my French readers (who represent a third of my visitors, same for the US, and then the rest of the world…).
Here is the first part of the NUI MT TECH BOOK translated in French.
This part includes all you need to know about hardware in an MT setup.

As always, here are both links on my blog and on megaupload :

I hope this will help you starting or improving your setup…
I’m always here to help on the NUI Forum and always available through the contact form of my blog…






Here is a new CCV mod I made which enable broadcasting TUIO over two ports.
I made this mod because as I told you a little bit earlier, there is a project of a CCV with fidcucial (tags) tracking. As most multitouch apps use TUIO as direct input and not WM_TOUCH events, I needed a way to be able to use TUIO based apps at the same time as the Windows 7 driver.
I know that the driver and the apps are for the moment using the same default port which is 3333, but I’m in the process of modifying the driver input port so that we can use it at the same time as TUIO based apps.

In this version, you can choose the two broadcasting ports in the config.xml. They are currently set to 3333 and 3334. CCV will only show the customed port number when boradcasting so don’t worry if you see port 3334, the default port 3333 is active too if you don’t change anything…

Here are the download links :
Hosted on my blog :

and a Megaupload link :

I’ll post about a mod driver as soon as I’m done changing the default port.

In order to keep your CCV settings, go in the data folder of your CCV, save the config.xml, the camera.xml and the calibration.xml files.
Replace your CCV installation with my files, then replace the three files with your own.
Then open the file config.xml, and in the NETWORK section, paste on this instead of the previous lines :


Enjoy !!!

CCV projects…

I just wanted to make a quick post about some on going projects of the NUI Group team regarding further development of the Community Core Vision tracker…
Just to let you know that there is a version of CCV thant enable Hand Tracking as well as finger tracking… and there is also a project of a CCV tracker with finger and fiducials tracking…
I just wanted to make a little bit of teasing and I’ll share of course a compiled version as soon as I figure out how to play nicely with this awsome new tool.

UPDATE : I’ve uploaded the latest source code of CCV 1.3b (build 204), if anyone need the link, please leave a comment or contact me with the contact form…

Have a nice day !!!

Band Pass filter

I’ve finished my test of my new band pass filter. I’ve purchased it on Peau’s site, a 850nm band pass filter. Here are my impressions after 2 days of tests…

First of all, if you don’t use a proper filter, you won’t get a great experience. The band pass filter is the best solution I think.
My negative film filter was still good, and I didn’t noticed a huge change at the first glinch, but after several hours of tests, here are the improvments I noticed.
The camera now sees only IR 850nm so any other light source won’t affect the quality of the blobs. That’s why ambiant light is less a problem with this filter. Moreover, as there is only 850nm IR visible (which is the one of my illuminators), the camera has less trouble to adjust gain and exposure on the right values to see my fingers. Thanks to that, blob have a higher contrast…
So both this points are good enough to purchase such filter… but not as your main priority… As you may have noticed on my previous reports and my video, you can get a nice experience without it, but having one reduces the possibility of having further problems with anbiant light and low blob contrast…
Hope this help so of you…

Have fun !!!