New CCV 1.3 Mod

Some of you have been waiting for this !

Here is my famous mod of CCV 1.3 featuring :
– dualt TUIO port broadcasting – dual TUIO + flash broadcasting at the same time

Hit ‘t’ for dual port TUIO mode (see the post on how to update your CCV with this mod) and hit ‘n’ for TUIO + Flash com mode (binary mode removed in this version).
Download link :

Please comment with feedbacks !


8 thoughts on “New CCV 1.3 Mod”

  1. Many thanks on the release, this seems to be the only version i could get to work with TouchLib LocalConnection.

    Congrats, many thanks and keep em comming 🙂

  2. I was unable to use other version of CCV with the HID driver.
    You did a great job with and we are anxoiusly waiting for the full release.
    Meanwhile,do you have a patch for the trunk src? We are looking to integrate some camera calibration for Firefly and it will be great to be able to have both things working together.


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