NEW CCV 1.3 Binairies {UPDATE 03/02/2010 22:00}

I wanted to tell you that I’ve updated the binairies of CCV 1.3a. I’ve fixed one major issue in this release. As you may know, CCV sends over TUIO the (0,0) coordinate every time a blob appears out of the calibrated zone. Well not anymore with this version of CCV 1.3a.

Here are the links to download it :

or the Megaupload link :

Enjoy !!!

{UPDATE 03/02/2010 22:00} : All improvments from the SVN repository are included in this new release, included a better (0,0) fix.

11 thoughts on “NEW CCV 1.3 Binairies {UPDATE 03/02/2010 22:00}”

  1. I tried it on one computer and when I went to the camera setting, the font was gargantuan and the menu was unusable because of it. So I tried it on another computer, no font issues, strange. Everything else seemed to be working fine.

  2. @cyancdesign :wow indeed they are big… I see that you are running xp, maybe the problem comes from that… I havn’t found yet the part of the code which selects the font used, but I keep looking for an answer… did you manage to reproduce the issue on an other machine (one running xp too for exemple…)

  3. I checked on another machine that it was doing it on, now that one is back to normal (I guess to help with the general level of confusion that Windows just loves to dish out). And I don’t know exactly what has changed since I last looked at it. But they are both running Windows XP Pro service pack 3.

  4. @cyancdesign : lol, hope the other will get back to normal too… maybe juste unpacking the archive in an other location… or wait for a next release of the code… I’ll post that when I’m done with some more bugs…

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