LATEST CCV 1.4 MOD (multicam + all com mode)


{IF YOU ARE USING IT, PLEASE POST SOME FEEDBACKS or answer the survey here: }

Hi there,
WOW two posts within a week…
As promised here is my classical communication mod for the latest CCV 1.4 with multicam (thanks Anat for the amazing work!).
Read official thread here for more information on the latest features of CCV 1.4:…

This release of CCV 1.4a includes my usual mods :
– dual port TUIO support.
– no binary com mode, Instead the dualport tuio + flash com mode.

I could use some feedbacks as I don’t have my usual MT hardware with me…

Here is the download link :…

Please don’t mirror this file, link to the article, and thank Anat for the work on the NUI Group forums!


As the config.xml files differs from the default one from the default CCV 1.4 multicam release, it is recommended to edit it (notepad should do it) with your old settings instead of just copying your old config.xml file. You can also add the “DEFAULTTUIOPORT…” lign.

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