HID Driver Service fixed {NEW RELEASE}

With this fix, the service will now run in automatic mode if you like to, so you don’t have to start the driver ever again.

The TUIO mode takes the 3330 TUIO port as input. Allows you to run TUIO apps and the Windows 7 driver simultaneously with the CCV 1.3 dual port mod. Procede with the regular install of the driver then use these run files when done. Port 3330 is also used by the service.
Download link :


You can know use those files and follow this post :


to install the driver as Service, just skip the download of the MTV release.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems with this, and I’d love some feedbacks…

This feature, along side with others, will be implemented in my Win7 customized ISO when released.

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3 thoughts on “HID Driver Service fixed {NEW RELEASE}”

  1. Do you still have to run Multitouch.Configuration.WPF when the computer starts up to select TUIO with the windows service install?

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