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Now that the driver is online and compiled, I have a lot of questions on how to install it… and run it with ccv or tbeta or anysoftware that send over tuio/osc…
First I want to thank Daniel D for his wonderful work on this driver…


So when you have downloaded the archive, extract everything in a folder.
Go into Main Source, Multitouch Driver, and then again in Multitouch.Driver.

IF you’re working under x64, go into the x64 folder, right click on the devcon.exe file, select properties, go in the compatibility tab, select “launch as administrator” and hit OK, then go back to the previous folder.

Then right click on the x32 or x64 (depends of your configuration) folder while holding SHIFT, then click on open a windows command here. If you don’t have this open in the right click menu, you can also open a commande line window and navigate to this foler.
type in “install driver.cmd” don’t forget the ” ”
(an other window opens)

Allow the driver to be installed.

When the second box closes, close the first one.

Now go in the Windows device manager.
Under Interactions Devices, find the Universal software HID device
Right click on it, disable, accept, DON’T RESTART
Wait a second,
Right click on it, enable…
Close the device manager.

You can skip this it you don’t want the visual pointer : Now go in the Pen and Touch Configuration panel. go in the touch tab, enable everything (not necessarily the visual pointer as you wish…)… close the box by pressing OK

Now back in the Main Source folder. Go into the Output folder.
Run multitouch.service.console.exe (a command box opens)
Then run configuration service wpf.exe (the exe with a hand as an icon), click on tuio, click on the big blue arrow, click on restart service, close the window.
Close the multitouch.service.console.exe

launch ccv or tbeta, configure it si it can see only your finger, do the calibration… then enable sending tuio (the one that sends over the 3333 port)
run from main source/output the multitouch.service.console.exe
run from the same folder the multitouch.driver.console.exe

now it should work, you should be able to control Seven with your touch…

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  1. Dear CK, I’d like to understand something: having ccv running (Sending TUIO OSC) and then multitouch.service.console.exe configured with Input Provider in settings – TUIO and then multitouch.driver.console.exe just running, i will be able to control win7 with my fingers?

  2. Thnx for the reply CK 🙂 Software runs great in Win7…tested yesterday.
    So the only thing now to be done is the hardware (in my case a DI+FTIR), calibrated and setup right ah?


  3. :$ sorry for replying again..
    The above can be achieved with the following combination too?

    OSC.exe (from Touchlib_Tracking_Software-MTMini Package) – multitouch.service.console.exe – multitouch.driver.console.exe ???

    I think I can do this since osc.exe is lighter than ccv (running on P4 3,2GHz)

  4. devcon failed!!

    D:\\down\\m\\mtv\\Driver\\x32>”install driver.cmd”
    Device node created. Install is complete when drivers are installed…
    Updating drivers for {61E08B9D-3633-416a-B153-4647FCA67D5B}\\HID_DEVICE from D:\\d
    devcon failed.

  5. @alex :are you updating or fresh install ? I’m not the autor of the driver, if you still enccountered this problem with a fresh install and following the how-to perfectly, maybe you should consider contacting Daniel D. …

  6. I’ve followed the install instructions perfectly. I can control windows 7 with CCV really nicely. The Touch Pack for Windows 7 opens and works…sort of….the programs only recognize a single touch. No multitouch. I’ve uninstalled everything and reinstalled with the instructions a number of times but always the same thing. It only sees one touch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  7. Can anyone confirm that this works on a 64bit Win7 machine ? After a succesfull install, following the walkthru completely, there is no response.

    Computer properties shows that the system is now touch enabled with upto 255 points. Both the service and driver consoles are on, with CCV sending tuio to port 3333, but the system does not respond to touch like it should. Is there something I’m missing here ?

  8. Update: I was using an early version of CCV1.3, It kinda works with the new ccv1.3b from this site.

    However, there’s a scaling issue for the touch -> mouse input. The touches aren’t being scaled to the resolution of the monitor it is being used on… Is there a way to fix this ?

    Thanks a lot to the authors of this work !

  9. @64bitUser :hi there,

    The old ccv 1.3 had some TUIO issues which are indeed fixed in the new release…

    Regarding the calibration problem, be sure to perform a calibration in ccv before sending tuio, add some points to have a perfect alignment. There is however a new issue which has been reported a few days ago : if you’re using a non defualt PPP configuration, the driver doesn’t adjust the calibration, so I recommend to use the default PPP setting from win7…

    There is only one author on this site, so thanks for the thumbs up… There is now a “Donate” function if you feel like generous and thankful…


  10. Hi ! its me again,whaonecorp, from the forum. i have been download hiddriver.zip and follow your tutorial, all step of installations is ok. but still, i can’t control the mouse.i use box+glass+paper+webcam for testing.
    are using box is a problem for hiddriver?
    i just have a red dot following the cursor on my screen.
    for the tuio port is 3334
    im sorry for all of my questions but i just want to know hehehe

    Best Regards,

  11. i have been reinstall my ccv so the tuio port is back to 3333.
    is there any impact if there is light leaking into the box?
    when i run “Multitouch.Configuration.WPF.exe” – i hit the big blue arrow , the red dot on my screen is gone.
    I have followed your HID Driver install tutorial from beginning to end without missing.
    but it still not running, hehehe
    thank you for your kindness for answering my questions.

  12. @whaonecorp :light is ok but less ambiant light is better… regarding the driver, you told me it was ok on the forums so I won’t follow, but the conclusion was indeed to read more carefully the instructions…

  13. I’m a little late to this, but I just got everything running on a brand new install of windows 7 pro 64-bit. Thanks for the great instructions, they were beyond helpful!

  14. Ive done this all properly but something is missing, i am unable to see the touch tab in the ‘Pen and touch’ window.
    Ive followed all instructions and everything should work… it just doesnt.

  15. @TMH:try uninstalling the driver (windows device manager, remove all universal hid device in the human interface section) and reinstall it… be sure to have admin rights and to install the correct version depending of you windows 7 32 or 64…

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