HID Driver as Windows Service


So, I’ve published the HID Driver from Daniel D and the package called “MultitouchVista driver release” but I didn’t tell you what to do with the second one.
With the HID Driver, I had you guys launching all those multitouch.service.console.exe, and multitouch.driver.console.exe… not very good…
So after installing the HID Driver as instructed in one of the previous posts, here is how to install all that as Windows Service, so you’ll have just ccv to launch…


I must warn you, the instructions are maybe missing some parts or explanations because I don’t know exactly what I did since the beginning to enable it, but I’m almost sure that’s it, and if it doesn’t work with you, just PM me on the forum or contact me, and I’ll find the missing piece…!!!
So here it is :
First have the HID driver installed as told earlier.
Then download the archive called “MultitouchVista Driver release” down here…
Extract everything somewhere you won’t delete it… (I don’t know if you can delete it after installing it, but I guess not)
Then you’ll need a command called installutil.exe in the command line of windows.
To enable this function, you have to install a windows SDK, the vista one or the win7 one. Here is a link to the win7 sdk BETA, the one I use :


After installing the SDK, type in the Start Menu Search box : cmd, and launch as admin the one called CMD Shell (or the one called cmd of you have only this option)…
Navigate to the folder where you’ve extracted the archive… (using the cd command, you shoudl be able to find help on that on google, or contact me).
Then type : installutil.exe Multitouch.Driver.Service.exe and press enter.
Some crap should scrol in the box and then close it.
Now launch the services manager of windows 7 (type services in the start menu search box, it will find it.
Scroll down until you find a service called Multitouch Driver, double clic on it and then choose start to launch it.
(Some firewall can block the UDP listening of the driver, so if you have any notification from your firewall, allow the application to have acces to internet, then shutdown the service (with several try because you’ll get some error messages) and then restart it).
Close all the box, launch ccv and enable tuio protocol…
This should do the trick.
As i said, some parts could be missing so don’t panic, send me a quick feedback and I’ll help you fixing that…
Cya !!!!!

11 thoughts on “HID Driver as Windows Service”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write noob instructions. I get it to work. But the multitouch does not work. What I mean is: it sees my two mice I plug in. I con con the the mouse cursor with either mouse. I see two red dots on my screen. I have click on Send TUIO OSO in CCV. Touch pack software does not work. I have test with airhockey and it works. Do you have any ideas? Please help.

  2. @thaychuari :did you try first with the normal HID Driver from the earlier post ? Be sure it works with that, then you’ll be able to do the same with the Service, and be sure to do all the thinkg with the console and enabling tuio as input… if you see the red dots, there is a problem in your settings, you must select tuio as input in the console and not multiplemice.

  3. Help! i downloaded latest: “MultiTouchVista_-_second_release_-_refresh_2” from codeplex site, installed hid driver and got it working with ccv1.2, then I open the CMD Shell, I cd to directory MultiTouchVista which is on my desktop, type in “installutil.exe Multitouch.Driver.Service.exe” and the installation fails
    Can anyone help please

  4. @sjonie :Never encountered any problem with the install before… you shoulg get in touch with Daniel D who build the Service… but remember that the service is in early stage and automatic start is not working well for the moment.

  5. I too am getting problems with the installutil.exe part of this tutorial. I did everything else before that exactly correct, to my knowledge. It says that the install failed but that the rollback was completed successfully (which is no help really.) I’ll reboot and try it again, but I’m just saying that I’m having problems as well…

  6. @NateTheGreat555 : it does that sometimes but havn’t found yet why… Anyway, I’ll release soon for VIP a fixed service for win7 that enable automatic launch… Will be release for public later, probably late june or july…

  7. Hey, boss. Thanks for the reply. It did not work after the reboot, so I’ll have to keep checking up on this. I guess I’ll wait for the update, although I will be away at nerd-computer-camp from the end of June and all of July. XD

  8. Hey, I also have the log (contents of my command prompt) that shows the problem if you think looking at it would help solve anything. I’ll post it on NuiGroup if you get a chance.

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