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I just wanted to make a quick post about some on going projects of the NUI Group team regarding further development of the Community Core Vision tracker…
Just to let you know that there is a version of CCV thant enable Hand Tracking as well as finger tracking… and there is also a project of a CCV tracker with finger and fiducials tracking…
I just wanted to make a little bit of teasing and I’ll share of course a compiled version as soon as I figure out how to play nicely with this awsome new tool.

UPDATE : I’ve uploaded the latest source code of CCV 1.3b (build 204), if anyone need the link, please leave a comment or contact me with the contact form…

Have a nice day !!!

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  1. thank you gun, very appreciated . i don’t have access to Google code and other respiratory and it’s about a week that i’m trying to get access to compile Gsoc project sources.can i ask you to bring other Google summer of code projects binaries ?

  2. @vahid :sure, I’ll publish some binairies in the next few days, I just wanted to tease a little bit… I just don’t like to publish files without fully testing them… if you’re in a hurry, PM on the NUI forum, I’ll see what I can do for you…

  3. @milan :I don’t support TUIO Mouse (basicly because this is for xp/vista and I work with 7). You should head for the NUI Forum and ask directly the author of this software.

  4. Hi, I’m doing some tests with CCV and wanted to try out the hand tracking version. I have downloaded the source from the repository and it’s compiled but not running. All the messages in the console print out (the last one is I think “Starting in full mode…” or something like that). But, when it should show the window I get error “OpenCV GUI error” – Bad argument, input window has non-positive sizes in function cvMeanShift, .\\cvcamshift.cpp (85)

    I can make it show a window if I enable GPU mode in XML config – but then the video input does not work (it’s the same in the normal CCV 1.2/3). I’m using PGR DragonFly camera if that helps ?

    Any ideas ?

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