CCV 1.4a MOD {RC2 released}{Updated 28/06/2011}



Hi there,
No I’m not dead, just too busy to comment on all my projects… Here is something to keep you occupied.
I would like to thanks again Amit on his incredible work to get fiducial support into CCV. Here is my little contribution. This release of CCV 1.4a includes my usual mods :
– dual port TUIO support.
– no binary com mode, Instead the dualport tuio + flash com mode.

I could use some feedbacks as I don’t have my usual MT hardware with me…

Here is the download link :
CHECK NEW POST ABOUT CCV 1.4 Multicam with all com mod


As the config.xml files has a lot of new settings, it is recommended to edit it (notepad should do it) with your old settings instead of just copying your old config.xml file, even if you’re updating from one of my previous mod.

9 thoughts on “CCV 1.4a MOD {RC2 released}{Updated 28/06/2011}”

  1. Hey MG , nice work I must say , you may want to update the source again from my repo(which I committed some 2 hours ago) , it will help some issues regarding x64 and some people who dont have VS2008 installed as I linked debug version of oscpack previously ! So it will be better if you recompile it again with the latest source =) !

  2. … HI form Bulgaria.

    When the blob appear the click is located in short distance l upper right corner. How can that be fixed?

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