CCV 1.3 now with Installer


Just to let you know that CCV is now at 1.3b stage and officially released by the NUI Group.
There are a lot of tracking and stability improvments, some new features and like my previous release a working fix for the (0.0) issue.
There is a usual version to unpack and a new version with an installer.

Check the links down here to download your prefered version :

Here are the original files and the code source on the NUI Group Site :

and the download links from the NUI Group :

CCV 1.3b zip version :

CCV 1.3b w/ Installer :

If you want to them from my blog, here are the links :

CCV 1.3b zip version :

and a Megaupload link :

CCV 1.3b w/ Installer :

and a Megaupload link :

Enjoy !

5 thoughts on “CCV 1.3 now with Installer”

  1. Thanks machinegun once more for updating your blog. Hope you saw my 2 vids on youtube from my prototype. Now I got a 46″ Samsung LCD and I’m on my way disassemble it and try to make a rearDI+LCD… Hope it work!

  2. Is there source code for 1.3b? your version of 1.3B seems to be better that the one on NuiGroup site and it works!

    But i cannot seem to find the source code for it.

    Do you have a source code for your 1.3b? many thanks

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