Call for testers

As previously announced, I’m working on an All-in-one Windows 7 DVD.
As work is going well, I wanted to start calling for some testers. I’m near a first beta, so the RC will come also very soon.

I don’t know yet how many people will be able to try this before the official release, but I’m calling for some help already.

If you’re interested and available, please post a comment with:
– your name
– your mail (private, I’m the only one to see it)
– your current OS : win7 or other ? do you plan on testing a free install or updating your current system (if you already have win7) ?
– your configuration (be as precise as possible: CPU, HDD, RAM, Graphic Card, Screen resolution, … )
– your multitouch hardware: setup, capabilities, screen size


I will get back to all the lucky choosen one as soon as the RC is ready.
Thank for your help!

15 thoughts on “Call for testers”

  1. Hey,
    i7-920 6gb ddr3 gtx 260 😀 1080p with mt mini and a development unit. 22″ btw
    i also have a spare tablet at my disposal, and a few core 2 machines 😀

  2. i would like to test…. i have two identical systems , so i can test both versions .

    windows 7 ultimate x64 ,

     8gb ram core2duo 2x 850gb hdd

    nvidia 8800gt 1280×1024 / projector 720p

    36 in diag. FTIR 98 IR leds 6mm acrylic tinkermans
    method compliant material applied directly to underside of Rosco grey rear proj. material. modded ps3 cam / modded philips / modded xbox cam
    ( link to video my mt running with the xbox cam )

  3. Great to test it. Already have windows 7 x64 ultimate

    hp xw9400
    amd opteron 2x 2,6GHz
    Nvidia Quadro 3500
    20GB Ram
    Enough harddrive’s

    mt setup
    ->ccv1.3 modded
    ->dsi setup see
    ->12mm acrylic + 3mm rp acrylic
    ->acer s1200
    ->ir osram sfh4850 (not sure) x 150pcs

    Thats is

  4. Ready for testing:
    Asus P5b Deluxe
    C2D E8400
    4GB Ram
    Nvidia GTX 260

    MT Setup:
    LCD DSI 30″
    with PS3eye and Environmental LED strip.
    Also switching to FTIR is possible.
    currently running CCV 1.3 and reactivision for fiducial tests.
    Also trying to implement Codelaboratories Quad Pack into CCV. Currently i have written a simple stitching for 4 cams and a blob tracker with openCV which works but not very consistent blobs.

  5. windows 7 64 bit home premium
    2.3 GHz quad core
    4GB ram
    9800 GT video card

    Interested in multitouch for controlling all aspects of OS

  6. I can test on custom made:
    i7-920 4gb ddr3
    nvidia 8800gt
    500GB HDD

    Big DI WALL in progress 150cm x 113cm with double ACER S1200 (1024 x 768) for double brightness with Plexiglas RP 7D006 and double ps3Eye

    OS: WIN7
    I prefer to do a free install

  7. I have just purchased an Acer Aspire AX3300-u1322 to use for my table.
    Windows 7 Home Premium x64
    AMD Athlot II X4 2.6GHz
    4GB DDR3 1333MHz
    1TBHDD may upgrade to an SSD
    NVIDIA GeForce 9200 Integrated
    MT Table
    24″ Acer P244w (1920×1200)
    PS3 Eye and Enviromental LEDs
    .236″ Endlighten
    I would like to do the free install and can also test on my current rig with Windows 7 Ultimate

  8. I can test both versions if u want on windows 7 x64, asus motherboard, amd phenom black edition quad core 3.4 ghz per core, 8gb ddr3 ram, 1tb hdd, nvidia geforce 9200, bluray, wireless g,b,n. Table is dsi with endlighton, 32 inch lcd 1080p, 850nm ir leds and filter, unibrain fire i pro vgab 640×480 at 60fps. Thanks, jeff

  9. – your current OS : Win7Pro x64 (plan on testing both free and update)
    – your configuration: i7 920 (2.67GHz), 500GB SATA HDD, 9GB Tri-channel DDR3 RAM, ATi Radeon HD4850 graphics (512MB dedicated, 3579MB total), 1920x1080res
    – your multitouch hardware: currently in build of 40″ rear projection (1080p native projector), rear DI + FTIR + LLP combo (to also be used independent of one another for testing), PS3Eye

  10. I am on a laptop
    Core2Duo 2.8 GHz
    4GB RAM
    nVidia GeForce Go 9600M GT
    500 GB HDD
    OPTOMA HD20 DLP beamer
    42″ screen Full HD

  11. Laptop:
    ASUS G51Jx
    i7 720

    6GB RAM
    nVidia 360G
    500 GB HDD
    Dell S200w and Dynex LCD (2 tables)
    both 42″ (1080i and 1080p respectively)
    DSI on both tables.

  12. I like to try and test your dvd win7 AIO.

    my hardware:

    ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard
    intel core i7 extreme
    6 gb ddr ram
    ati 4870 video board
    Two hard drives “1 tb”
    DIY multitouch table
    ps3 webcam
    acrylic surface
    infrared smd led strips

    everything working ok. thank you very much

  13. hi
    nice work 😉
    if i can help

    i running win7 home premium x64


    asus p5n-d
    intel core2 quad q6600 2.4ghz
    ram 8gig
    nvidia gtx 260
    2x 640gig hdd sata (raid stripe)

    homemade sharp aquos 37inch lcd ftir setup
    with ps3 eye no compilant surface
    partial ir noise from lcd backlight can allow fiducial

    (i whant to flash the led from ftir at a same frequency i take frame from cam to have to separate input)

    maybe this method can be use to have a better back ground removal takin 1 frame with ir on and one ir off and remove the off frame from the on one

    thk for your work 😉

  14. Would like to try the AIO cd :D.

    Amd Athlon X2 3800+ (939)
    MSI Neo4F
    3 GB DDR
    Logitech Quickcam 3000
    Used x64 for sometime, installed x32 yesterday.
    FTIR table 75 cm x 100 cm

  15. dell studio 1747
    i7 720 qm processor
    dell 365 bluetooth
    win 7 ultimate x 64
    8gb ram hdd 500gb
    llp table 700mm x 1000mm
    4 x 850nm aixiz lasers 10mw

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